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Amplificador Operacional Duplo LM833

Amplificador Operacional Duplo LM833

Código: LM833
Peso: 0.0020

Disponível: 85 unidades

Por: R$3,97

Disponível: Em estoque

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Amplificador Operacional Duplo LM833

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The LM833 is a standard low–cost monolithic dual general–purposeoperational amplifier employing Bipolar technology with innovativehigh–performance concepts for audio systems applications. With highfrequency PNP transistors, the LM833 offers low voltage noise(4.5 nV/ Hz), 15 MHz gain bandwidth product, 7.0 V/µs slew rate, 0.3 mVinput offset voltage with 2.0 µV/°C temperature coefficient of input offsetvoltage. The LM833 output stage exhibits no deadband crossover distortion,large output voltage swing, excellent phase and gain margins, low open loophigh frequency output impedance and symmetrical source/sink ACfrequency response.

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