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Amplificador Operacional de Alta perfomace LM301

Amplificador Operacional de Alta perfomace LM301

Código: LM301
Peso: 0.0030

Disponível: 59 unidades

Por: R$3,82

Disponível: Em estoque

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Amplificador Operacional de Alta perfomace LM301

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The LM101A, LM201A, and LM301A are high-performance operational amplifiers featuring verylow input bias current and input offset voltage andcurrent to improve the accuracy of high-impedance circuits using these devices. The highcommon-mode input voltage range and theabsence of latch-up make these amplifiers idealfor voltage-follower applications. The devices areprotected to withstand short circuits at the output.The external compensation of these amplifiersallows the changing of the frequency response(when the closed-loop gain is greater then unity)for applications requiring wider bandwidth orhigher slew rate. A potentiometer may beconnected between the offset-null inputs (N1 andN2), as shown in Figure 7, to null out the offsetvoltage

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